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49 Workers Wanted in Oman and Kuwait, Salary up to Rs. 59,460 (1684 views)

Job Opportunity in Oman and Kuwait

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1.Company: Majesty Food Service SPC.

Position: Waiter

Number of Vacancies: 2 Male

Salary Rs. 44,595

Position: Juice Maker

Number of Vacancies: 2 Male

Salary Rs. 59,460

Position: Arabic Coffee Maker

Number of Vacancies: 3 Male

Salary Rs. 59,460

2.Company: Technical Engineering Workshop

Position: Indus Equip Install Mechanic

Number of Vacancies: 15 Male

Salary Rs. 35,750

Position: Industrial Equipments Installation Mechanic Assist

Number of Vacancies: 15 Male

Salary Rs. 35,750

3.Company: The Fifty Five Ladies Beauty Saloon Company

Position: Hair Dresser

Number of Vacancies: 1 Female

Salary Rs. 56,285

Position: Salon Worker

Number of Vacancies: 11 Female

Salary  Rs. 45,030


Final Interview: Manpower Office Kathmandu 2076 Mangsir 2 (18 November 2019)

Please contact manpower company below for further information:

Manpower: Elite H.R. Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Sinamangal – 9, Kathmandu

Phone No.: 4116678, 4116679

Mob.: 9851050484, 9823781771, 9851126457

Email: elitehrsolution1361@gmail.com

This job was published in Kantipur Daily on November 14,2019

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