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34 Workers Wanted in Bahrain and Saudi, Salary up to Rs. 45,545 (804 views)

Job Opportunity in Bahrain and Saudi

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1.Company: Pasta Express SPC

Position: Cook

Number of Vacancies: 15 Male

Salary Rs. 45,545

Position: Waiter

Number of Vacancies: 15 Male

Salary Rs. 45,545

2.Company: General Contracting Ibarhim Debian Maashi


Position: Normal Factor

Number of Vacancies: 3 Male

Salary Rs. 30,530

3.Company: Individual Transport Abdullah Saadoun Al-Mutairi

Position: Driver Of Whole Vehicles

Number of Vacancies: 1 Male

Salary Rs. 54,955



Interview: Manpower Office, Kathmandu Mangsir 23 (9 December 2019)

Please contact manpower company below for further information:

Manpower: Rara Employment Consult Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Koteshwor – 32, Setiopi Marga, Kathmandu

Phone No.: 4601860, 9851045368, 98511818131, 9848055450, 9841278107

This job was published in Madhyanha Daily on December 2 2019

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